Minecraft Rules


Welcome Crimson Crafters

The following rules are applied to ALL of our Minecraft worlds.


Rule #1

PVP: Do Not Damage another players enchanted gear above leather, resouces are limited. After finishing a few of our major projects we will find a place to construct an arena.


Rule #2

Trolling: It is encouraged, just as long as you make sure to undo what you did.


Rule #3

Logging: Cut down the whole damned tree when you are logging. Or if a creeper blew it up finish cutting that tree. Wood IS unlimited but only if we replant the saplings.


Rule #4

Creeper Holes: Fix everything that you saw a creeper blew up, even if you didn't see it happen. If there is a creeper hole fix it.


Rule #5

Building: If you make something retarded take it down when you are done using it.


Rule #6

Harvesting: REPLANT what you take from the farms, if a creeper did it see Rule #4.


Rule #7

Greed: If you absoulutly feel the need to have your own storage facility and 50 god damned furnaces, then take your happy ass out into the world somewhere and start building a new area. Otherwise WE WILL DESTROY IT AND THEN SOME!!! 


Rule #8 

Storage: The storage chests are organized so that everyone can find what they need quickly, so put things where they go.


Rule #9

Projects: Community Projects have priority for supplies, No Execptions.


Rule #10

Nametags: Named items and animals are claimed by someone, be sure to give them back to their owner if that person dies. DO NOT take someone elses' horses or kill their animals etc...


Rule #11

Hide and Seek: Hidden chests and secret passages are cool but supplies need to be shared. Your personal inventory and the ender chest should be enough space for all of your personal items. Simply put don't hide shit from everyone.


Anyone breaking the rules will be killed on site and most likely blown up with whatever you were working on.



No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em