These members have been kicked for misconduct within an alliance. These members are not to be allowed within any guild in the alliance regardless of if the guild that kicked them is still in the alliance or not. For more info on why they were banned we started making certificates! Our first reciepient was @Mark71323.  The certificates are posted in Forums->General Information->Banned Members


@GTReaper1 - F-Soc

@thurmanator01 - ORKID

@jack_white1983 - ORKID

@sojan - ORKID

@umbrellacorps - Pww

@takenghost666 - F-Soc



@RicanPapi254 - Misfits

@iSulvak - Pww


@LadyRissaL - Misfits

@OohoOohoO - ORKID


@datgrube - F-Soc




@w-shadowreaper - attempting to poach players - F-Soc

@Tothmosis13 - attempting to poach players - F-Soc

@FPSMoNo - F-Soc

@x_LuisC_x - F-Soc

@daymarr - F-Soc

@twisted-K- TGS


@molnarz1969 - ORKID


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em