ORKID Leader

Awarded -5 points For
Being a guild/clan leader in one of the games we thrive in.

The imbecile award.

Awarded -5 points For
Being Steven

The JJ Award

Awarded -5 points For
Stupid Builds


Awarded 5 points For
becoming an officer in at least one of the guilds

Not so shiny!

Awarded -10 points For
being demoted from an officer role to a regular member

The Darwin Award

Awarded -5 points For
Grabbing a bonecutter by the blade, or other stupid real world actions... atBBING YOURSELF WITH A BUTTERFLY KNIFE

The Giver!

Awarded 10 points For
Donating days to the website. Ensuring an ad free site and extra storage!


Awarded 5 points For
For gathering 2 of the 3 initial Wither Skeleton Skulls in a new world.


Awarded 10 points For
Killing the Wither with other Orkids

Dragon Killer!

Awarded 5 points For
Killing the Ender Dragon

Show Off!

Awarded 10 points For
Killing the Ender Dragon at least 3 times in an Orkid World


Awarded 10 points For
Killing garbage from the banned list.


Awarded -1 points For
You don't even want to know! Actually you don't want this award either... Seems fitting that the only awardee also has the Darwin Award... Just Saying.

Uncle Moneybags

Awarded 10 points For
Funding other guild members gaming experience

Stronghold Donor

Awarded 5 points For
Donating Stronghold Starter Packs!

Shady award

Awarded -1 points For
stealing other members kills

Top 10 Award Points

Lanthel Bloodstone10
Shiki Fang10
Primitive Mind5
Celia Everlight 5
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No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em